Purified Water

Ecowater Kelowna has excellent in store service for all your water needs including hand carts for transportation to your vehicle from our beautiful showroom.

Water Technicians

Ecowater Kelowna has 5 Star service,  Our Certified Water Technicians  will help determine the cause of your bad water, and help you get the fix you need.

Water Delivery

At Ecowater Kelowna ,where we are here to serve you. We offer water delivery to your home, or company.

We Also Carry Lots of Products!

At Ecowater Kelowna we have Industrial, and home Softner systems on hand, aswell as water coolers, dispensers, a water dispensing station inside & a 24 Hour bottle refill station outside.

What else do we do?

We Offer Bottle Delivery to your Business or home.  As-well we offer Water Technicians for Industrial and in home.

Having Water Problems?

Contact EcoWater Kelowna Today and get in touch with one of our qualified Water Technicians.